Our Programs Are Personally Authentic

Depending on the scope of the program, within each disease state, the primary spokesperson has that disease. Each ethnic/cultural program is delivered in-language and customized to the comfort level of the participants. Event locations vary from civic community centers to hotels, wellness centers or country clubs.

Medical and Cultural Advisory Boards

In order to keep our programs relevant and popular we have specific medical and cultural advisory boards that are regionally-specific. These boards, along with patient focus groups allow us to stay on the leading edge of consumer needs, medically relevant programming, and high-value information.

Diverse Staff of Experts and Professionals

Our seminar and workshop staff and affiliated professionals includes psychologists, exercise experts, nutritionists, physicians and others such as dance instructors, swimming coaches, Tai Chi practitioners, breathing and stress-reduction experts, relaxation therapists and others.

Always Free of Charge -- With Important Sponsor Messages

Our programs are always free to participants, and are not overtly product sales-oriented. Our sponsors are pharmaceutical companies and others who want to reach consumers with a message that puts their health first, and is educational and informative. Our websites only carry sponsor messages when those sponsors are also part of our patient and physician programs.

A sponsor in the United States, for example might distribute trial prescriptions at a patient event, along with medically relevant inexpensive gifts. In Europe, a corporate message, in keeping with appropriate EU regulations, might be conveyed, and patients might be given information which they can take to their physicians. Physicians present their thoughts and opinions at all of our seminars, and discuss remedies.

Accuracy and Patient Privacy

Our physician and industry boards play a key role in ensuring that information in accurate. Regulations boards ensure patient privacy and compliance with local, regional and national laws, Phrma guidelines, and company policy.

The Key to Our Success

The key to our history of successful patient and physician events is planning and experience. How we get 200 physicians in a room for a non-CME program and hundreds of patients at a community center for a day of activities is a process that takes time, expertise, proper funding, and a relevant message.