TGI Healthworks provides patient-centered solutions to healthcare companies in the United States. Activities include market insights, intelligence reporting, patient advisory board support, patient journey consultation, empathy training and awareness programming, market research, public affairs consulting, and digital as well as social media consulting.

Our programs are customized to the disease state, the market and the product, and include OTC, DTC and device indications.


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TGI Healthworks. A group of people who want to make people's lives better if they have a chronic disease that responds to pharmacological solutions, as well as patient initiatives. We focus on the patient initiatives as well as prescription and over-the-counter drugs in order to improve quality of life.

When a patient includes specific exercise, diet, a positive mental outlook, and a productive relationship with a health care professional, the patient takes control of the disease. Bringing all of these things together is the TGI Prescription for Wellness™.